New Communication Technology leads to a Participatory Culture

Hi everyone this is Alyssa Maturo and I am writing this blog post for my media literacy communications class at the University of Connecticut. For all you teenagers out there, growing up in the digital era has made it very simple for you all to communicate with your friends. In the media there is a term called new communication technology and basically it means new technology keeps being designed and then distributed to mass audiences. You guys are the audience and are interested in all the new technology, so you buy it and then you use that technology to communicate with your friends and family. It is important to understand all the new technology and how it works because that is what our future is leading towards.

New communication technology such as phones, laptops and iPad’s have made it easier for you teenagers to not only stay in touch with your friends, but to access your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. It allows for you to always be accessible to the media and to see what your friends are posting. Not only does it allow for you to be able to see what your friends are posting, but you are able to post pictures and videos as well.

New communication technology allows for the consumers buying the technology to be apart of a participatory culture. This means that you teenagers are no longer just the people that buy the new technology, but you produce messages of your own and share them through the technology that you are using. So you are all also creating your own media messages and sharing them to a mass audience. It is important to understand how these technologies allow for you to participate in the media and share your ideas and thoughts, because it allows for your voice to be heard. It allows for you to become the inventors and put positive messages out there instead of negative ones. You are the future and what you share on your media accounts is out there and can be accessed by all your followers and more. If you post a picture of yourself on Instagram or post a video to YouTube make sure it is something appropriate and that you are proud of and want others to see, because you are sending a message out into the media and you do not want it to be a poor one. You all have a voice through these new technologies and you should make sure it is heard in a positive light.

As teenagers you are driven to buy these new technologies because you want access to your social media accounts and to keep in touch with your friends. You are also driven by having the ability to share your ideas and talents. It is important to understand that the media does influence people. Kylie Jenner’s Instagram for her cosmetics line has influenced many teenage girls to buy her products. Sean Booth on SnapChat targets teenagers both male and female to follow his workout routine if they want to live a healthy life style. Many other social media accounts also have to do with new cosmetic products or workout routines and it is important to understand and critique the media because not every message or advertisement will be accurate, because now anyone has the ability to send one message to many people. It is important to analyze the media and ask what is true and what is false? Is this message positive or negative? What other knowledge do I have on this message or picture I am viewing? Being media literate is important because communication technology will keep becoming more and more advanced and more consumers will also become producers. So question what you see in the media and be proud of what your share.


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