The Effects Amazon Prime Has Had On Online Shopping

Amazon Prime is an amazing piece of technology that has been created. In my past blog posts, I have reported what amazon Prime is, how it works, the amount of people who use it, and why they use it. Not only is this technology highly used and greatly appreciated by a numerous amount of people, but it has had long-term positive effects and outcomes around online shopping. It is no wonder why this product is used throughout the world.

According to Ashenden (2014) amazon Prime has had five major effects on online shopping. The first one is that it makes shopping online simple (Ashenden, 2014).  She explains how it is as “straightforward as possible” (Ashenden, 2014).  The features amazon Prime offers like “One Click” shopping, makes it easier for costumers to not have to re-enter their credit card details and addresses every time they purchase a product (Ashenden, 2014).

The second effect Ashenden (2014) says amazon Prime has had, is that customers are able to share their online shopping experience. Almost every retailer “provides an opportunity to review the product that you have just bought” (Ashenden, 2014).  People are able to see the reviews from previous customers and it helps in their decision-making when deciding if the product is worth purchasing or not (Ashenden, 2014).

The third effect Ashenden (2014) explains is that amazon Prime offers what customers want. Amazon Prime is able to capture a large amount of data and then is able to direct costumers immediately to what they want, filling their home page with products that they might be interested in based off their previous purchases (Ashenden, 2014).  Amazon Prime is able to tailor products based off costumers needs and that makes in easier for people to find things they like (Ashenden, 2014).

The fourth effect is that amazon Prime keeps on innovating (Ashenden, 2014).  Amazon Prime has kept expanding. They have multiple services to offer like “streaming services, digital downloads, and physical hardware” (Ashenden, 2014).  These features all keep improving the easiness and quickness of the use of amazon Prime.

Finally, the fifth effect amazon Prime has had on online shopping, is that this technology always puts the costumers first (Ashenden, 2014).  She explains how “Amazon’s strength is that it aims to think like a customer and provide what they want, building loyalty in a crowded market” (Ashenden, 2014).  This is a great thing because amazon Prime is one of the most trustworthy sights for online shopping and it is great to have a technology that cares about the costumer and tailors to their needs and likes.

There has been research completed using surveys to show how the online world of shopping has continued to increase in the United States, thanks to technologies like amazon Prime.

Shultz and Block (2014) wrote a journal called U.S. Online Shopping: Facts, Fiction, Hopes, and Dreams. In this journal, they sum up a study that was based on an “aggregation of responses dealing specifically with consumers reported behaviors in online shopping going back to 2006” (Shultz and Block, 2014). They used surveys to collect their data on individual’s behaviors and used a computer algorithm to generate nationally representative age-sex samples to the United States population (Shultz and Block, 2014). Their results showed that individuals behaviors for online sopping was increasing with certain online shopping websites (Shultz and Block, 2014).

One of their research questions that went along with the survey was “who are the leading retailers in online selling and what has been their growth pattern?” (Shultz and Block, 2014). One of the results they got from that research question is that Amazon Prime is a leading retailer. In the journal, it explains how the study found that “ has almost tripled in consumer reported use since 2007, from 18.7% in 2007 to 52.0% in 2013, while the other major online shopping service, eBay has declined by about 50%” (Shultz and Block, 2014). The image below was taken from the journal written by Shultz and Block (2015) and it shows the increase in online shopping on amazon Prime.

Online Loyalty

A consensus they came to is that “ is doing something right or else the other online sellers are not keeping pace” (Shultz and Block, 2014). Amazon Prime has effected the online shopping culture by not only increasing its own amount of costumers and quick means of finding its online products, but by also beating out most of the other competition and this makes people want to purchase more things from this specific technology. Amazon is the leading online shopping site to go to and has become the “preferable online shopping choice” (Shultz and Block, 2014). Society is shifting into a new innovative direction and that direction has been towards amazon Prime because of all the features it offers.

Amazon Prime has improved the effects of online shopping and the outcomes of this is that amazon Prime is the leading online shopping website to go and has affected the way customers get their items by making the shipping process faster, by also personalizing to each costumer’s individual tastes, and by allowing costumer feedback. Amazon Prime had changed online shopping for the better.


Ashenden, P. (2014). 5 Impacts That Amazon Has Had on Customer Experience. Retrieved     November 16, 2016, from      customer-experience

Shultz, D.E., & Block, M.P. (2015). U.S. Online Shopping: Facts, Fiction, Hopes, and Dreams.   Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 23, 99-106. DOI:   10.1016/j.jretconser.2014.10.010



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