Amazon Prime Is What You Are Looking For

Amazon Prime Is What You Are Looking For

Need a gift for a friend or a loved one within the next few days, but don’t have time to run to the mall and get one? What if I told you I know a way you can get that gift without even having to leave your couch? Amazon Prime is an electric commerce with unlimited shipping and orders are guaranteed to the costumer within two days (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). This technology is quick and easy to use. I have been a member of amazon Prime for three years now and absolutely love it. I used it just last night to buy a new screen protector for my phone. It has the best deals to find items you need for low costs and also includes free shipping, which saves time and a lot of money.

Amazon Prime was created in 2005 and derived from the technology amazon (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). The team of amazon states on that the idea behind amazon Prime was to make two-day shipping possible and to make it an “unlimited, all-you-can-eat with a single annual membership” (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). Before amazon Prime came out, amazon would take four to six days to send you your item and you would have to pay for shipping (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). I had an amazon account before I got an amazon Prime account and it was so frustrating waiting for my item to come in the mail, because most of the time it took longer then four to six days. However, with amazon Prime my items have always arrived on time and with my amazon Prime account I can track my purchase to see what stage it is at in the shipping process.

Not only is it an online store with millions of items from everywhere, but with your amazon Prime membership you have unlimited access to video streaming, e-books, and music playlists as well (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996).  If you aren’t into watching movies or TV shows, then you have the option of listening to an “original audio series from Audible” (Fast, FREE shipping and more.1996). For instance, you can listen to audio series about the news, comedy shows, articles, and more (Fast, FREE shipping and more.1996). Amazon Prime has affected big book stores like Borders, which is now dead, because many individuals in America are buying e-books off their tablets or phones from (Wasserman, 2016). The customers who belong to an amazon or amazon Prime account, purchase more e-books than they do “hard copies”(Wasserman, 2016).

It is very simple to join.  I joined by signing up to be a member of and then signed up for a 30-day free trial for amazon Prime. Once joined you can click on the search engine and look up anything you desire. I usually look up clothing or gift items. For example, once I searched the words “red dress” and so many different red dresses came up. Underneath the picture of each item, is the price of that item with the word Prime next to it in blue. If the price has the word prime next to it, then that means you will receive that item within the guaranteed free two-day shipping (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). Over a million items on amazon are guaranteed free two-day shipping with Prime (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996).

This innovation is unlike any technology before because instead of online shopping on multiple websites, or having to walk around the mall and go into different stores, amazon Prime has everything right on one website and your purchase is delivered to your door. Not only that, you can download the amazon Prime app on your tablet or mobile device (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). Majority of the time when I go on amazon Prime I just use the app on my phone. I use the app because I always have my phone on me and it saves me time from having to get my laptop. Another great aspect of this technology is that you can read reviews on items written by other costumers to see what they thought about their purchases. I know this by always checking the comments below the item I am interested in buying.  I enjoy that aspect of this technology very much because if I am not a hundred percent sure about an item I want to buy, then I can read other individuals opinions about the item and decide if that is something worth spending my money on.

In addition to that, amazon Prime remembers my previous searches. I know this from using my amazon Prime account frequently. For example, if I search iPhone 6 cases one night, the next day on my home page it will show me a variety of phone cases for the iPhone 6. The fact that this technology tailors my home page based off my previous searches is very helpful because it takes less time to find the items I want, without ever pressuring me to buy those items by sending me notifications.

Even though amazon Prime has been functioning for about 11 years now, the amazon team does not stop working on amazon Prime to improve it. Wasserman (2016) states that “Amazon got big fast and is getting bigger” (Wasserman, 2016). For example, to make the free shipping even more efficient than receiving orders in two days, now in over 1,000 cities and towns amazon Prime does “free same-day delivery” (Our Innovations: Amazon Prime.1996). Prime Photos is another new aspect the amazon team created to be a part of amazon Prime (Fast, FREE shipping and more.1996). This feature allows you to store your photos on an amazon Prime drive and access it anywhere you go (Fast, FREE shipping and more.1996).  The amazon team states that “It’s like having a virtual album of every one of your photos that you can access at any time no matter which device you use” (Fast, FREE shipping and more.1996).

I have never had a problem with security using this technology, I feel my information is safe. I have ordered items off amazon Prime many times and have never had any problems with receiving my mail or getting money stolen from my account. In fact, one time I forgot my password and had to call the amazon help line to reset it and the customer service was outstanding and catered to my needs right away. Overall, amazon Prime has created many new ways for individuals to shop, listen to music, watch TV and movies, listen to audio series, and store your photos all in one form of technology.

Here are a few images I took a screen shot of from my amazon Prime account. The images range from the home page to the last step of purchasing my item of interest.

Alyssa Maturo


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